About Hotel Olympia

The three-star hotel Olympia is situated in a quiet, safe residential neighbourhood within walking distance of the city centre and has been run since 2008 by your hostess Valerie, who recently renovated the hotel and transformed it into a warm and homely family hotel.

A touch of history

The hotel has existed since 1978. Before then, the building was used as offices by Frederik Sander, a German horticulturist specialising in growing orchids. In the early 20th century, Sander built an estate of no less than 20ha here, the so-called Sanderkwartier. His name lives on in Frederik Sanderlaan, the beautiful beech avenue right opposite the hotel, and Frederik Sanderpark, which lies behind the hotel.

Welcome home, in Hotel Olympia!

The hotel logo refers to the orchid, but also to the warm nest that Valerie wants the hotel to be for her guests. Her hospitality, smile and openness have become Hotel Olympia’s trademark. Walk into the hotel and you immediately feel at home. Her son Cyriel, who was born a few weeks after the takeover and therefore literally grew up with the hotel, likes to help out now and then.

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